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Why would I change my advertising when it is already successful:  We realize the years of effort, expense and sweat equity that you have already put into building your own brand. We are not suggesting you just ditch all that and replace it with Evel Knievel. Have you considered a “second” brand which will accomplish the same status as the years it has taken to build your brand – but virtually overnight? A second, iconic, personal injury brand that is also controlled by you. (A new DBA, law partner or referral fee arrangement.) Imagine the market coverage of your brand’s advertising, combined with the new Evel Knievel brand advertising, and all the money goes into the same bank account…

Everybody already knows who I am in my market:  How many people are injured from OUT OF TOWN that need a personal injury attorney but couldn’t pick you out of a lineup? Evel Knievel is your advertising advantage for millions of dollars worth of cases from injured OUT OF TOWN plaintiffs.

The truth about personal injury advertising:  You cannot really believe that because your business cards and stationary match the logo on your website you’re a “brand.”  If you want a dose of reality, the next time you’re at the grocery store ask strangers if they even know who you are?  It is simply delusional to believe that when someone needs a personal injury attorney the motivating factor for that initial contact is based upon who founded your firm, what college you graduated from, your intriguing personal and family life or what your interesting hobbies might be. Often potential clients are uneducated, scared, angry, confused or in crisis, and the decision about which lawyer to hire is largely emotional; your advertising should have the goal of delivering an emotionally, memorable message. You will never get the chance to show potential clients how professional or compassionate your services are unless they contact you in the first place. What would prompt a person to contact you, rather than your competitors, when your public personas and advertising presentations are all the same? What exactly about your advertising do you think is so compelling and memorable compared to other lawyers? If you would like the luxury of cherry picking the most lucrative cases in your market, see the Creative Assets and Major Media Press and educate yourself about what a REAL BRAND can do for you.

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My ad agency doesn’t like the Evel Knievel idea:  We’re not pitching the same stale, academic, regurgitated, marketing strategies. What do you think is so compelling about your face on a billboard the same as fifty other lawyers? If you want your phone to ring off the hook so you can cherry pick the best cases – you need to be bold, and give the public a reason to remember you when they need a personal injury lawyer. Our intention is not to replace your ad agency. Our intention is to give you more effective tools you and your ad agency can utilize. We’re not pitching your ego; we’re pitching an increased case load and a large bank account.

I can’t imagine my firm advertising like this:  No one imagined a man jumping his motorcycle would become world famous either. You are about the law and helping injury victims – we are about creative advertising that attracts more personal injury victims for you to help. Talk to regular folks about the Evel Knievel TV spots and billboards (see the creative assets) and take note of their reaction. In today’s world you have just seconds to make an impression on potential clients, and your advertising better make that impression right now! Open your imagination and see yourself in a TV spot with Evel Knievel, or on a billboard next to Evel Knievel. Two top professionals…does that make an impression on you? It will make the same professional impression on potential clients.

Our firm is more dignified than this type of advertising:  You and your competition’s website templates are all the same, Google and lawyer search engine clicks all the same, billboards all the same, advertising all the same; why would a potential client call you over the next guy – because you’re more dignified? It doesn’t matter what you think about the Evel Knievel ads. What matters is what the public thinks about the Evel Knievel ads, and when the public is in an accident, YOU are the lawyer they remember.

How is Evel Knievel relevant to my practice:  The advertising space in the personal injury market is crowded, and your advertising MUST be impactful with memorable brand recognition in order to stand out.  The imagery of the Evel Knievel assets is exactly relevant to your personal injury practice, and personally relevant to your potential clients. Evel Knievel’s enduring relevance today is evidenced by recent major endorsements by companies like GM, Audi, Doritos, Vanity Fair, Gillette, Caesars Palace, Sony, History Channel, A&E Network, The Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and major special exhibits at the Harley-Davidson and Smithsonian Museums. In the United States, Google statistics record hundreds of mentions of Evel Knievel in media and entertainment consistently imprinting millions of people every day. There was a reason Evel Knievel won three of the highest rated ABC Wide World of Sports shows ever, including the #1 top spot. Evel Knievel’s real life drama was, and remains:  original, unique, thrilling, emotionally impactful, and indelibly stamped into the American conscience and culture. Most relevant to your practice is new cases, and advertising with Evel Knievel will bring those new cases in the door.


How will Evel Knievel help my target customer to remember my law firm:  Be the judge of your own focus group; ask all the people in your office if they would associate Evel Knievel with injuries and accidents? Go out on the street and ask all the strangers you meet if they associated Evel Knievel with your law firm would that help them remember you? Evel Knievel has one of the highest rated “Q” scores ever (a measurement of name recognition), and you want that recognition, association and branding working for your law firm. You will become admirably known as “that Evel Knievel lawyer.”

How will Evel Knievel fit with my image:  If you’re worried about your image hire a public relations firm. If you want to build a large bank account, and serve notice that your law firm is the top dog, then advertise with Evel Knievel. Use of the Evel Knievel license will bring recognition by your peers and the public that you are one of the most prestigious law firms in your market.

Why use Evel Knievel when I could use any celebrity:  No other celebrity on the planet personifies or is more famous for:  accidents, injury, recovery, American, character, champion, underdog, toughness, guile, professionalism; attributes that apply to you as a lawyer and your clients as well…

My advertising is already set for this year:  The license of rights is for a two year period with an option to renew the license for an additional two year extension. No matter where you are in your advertising cycle, timely implementation of the Evel Knievel creative assets will entrench and solidify your brand as the leader in your market. The license of Evel Knievel intellectual property assets is surprisingly affordable.

We rely primarily on referrals:  The Evel Knievel advertising will bring new clients and cases to your firm and thus expand your referral base.

Give me a good reason to go out on a limb like this:  We know it’s a leap of faith. We also know if you persist with your current advertising strategy – yesterday’s technology, it is certain your competition will put forth more effective ad campaigns and your future  results will disappoint. The old saying, “no guts no glory” is entirely appropriate. What we have to offer: compatible synergy, instant and massive brand recognition, dramatic, memorable, emotional imagery, exclusivity… Do you have the chutzpah, creativity and imagination to recognize the opportunity?

I’m afraid to try something so “radical”:  What do you have to lose, what is the worst thing that could happen? We guarantee the Evel Knievel advertising to be at least as successful as whatever you are doing now. Use of the Evel Knievel campaign will likely make you the most talked about and recognizable personal injury attorney in your market. That would make you radically successful.

I have all the business I can handle:  New cases (especially in the lucrative motorcycle niche) will make your practice that much more productive and profitable. You can always hire more lawyers or refer your lower revenue cases.

I have to talk to my accountant about our advertising budget:  Regardless of your budget, we are talking about an exclusive license for the rights to legendary, iconic advertising that creates wealth. One lucrative case pays for the whole campaign; not to mention the permanent brand building benefits your law firm will realize. You will become admirably known as “that Evel Knievel lawyer.”

My market is already familiar with seeing me in all of my ads:  We are not suggesting you change your personality or style of advertising. You can still appear in your new Evel Knievel ads and continue to be yourself.

I do all my ads with my own production people:  Great, we can help with any technical assistance necessary. If need be, our team will also work with you on the creative to format the presentation(s) for legal compliance with your State Bar rules and consistency with your current advertising. Got a better idea than our examples? No problem, we will work with you to arrange the Evel Knievel creative assets for a professional presentation.

I’m just a small practice:  Yes, and Evel Knievel was just one man… A great reason for using the Evel Knievel advertising is you can stay small and still make a lot of money.

I want to try out the program for a couple months:  Any ad agency will tell you the facts of branding and ad repetition which is why the license is for a two year period with an option to renew the license for an additional two year extension. Use of the license is limited to one law firm per territory. Exclusivity is an essential element of the contract.

I’m not interested:  Being a financially successful, personal injury attorney requires you to be part entrepreneur, part lawyer and part marketing genius. Put Evel Knievel’s marketing genius to work so you can concentrate on managing your burgeoning case load and maximize profit.

It almost seems too simple:  We know you’re an educated, professional lawyer. And here we are telling you all you have to do is put your name and face next to Evel Knievel, listen for the phone to ring, and then cherry pick the best cases; and yes, it is just that simple. If your complicated brain will not allow you to accept that simple premise, commission a focus group so you can convince yourself.

Let me think about it:  Fair enough, but could you imagine a more perfect fit? Could you imagine a better way to boldly stand out from the competition with such impactful advertising? Trust your instincts… Do you want to build a large bank account and exclusively be identified with the Evel Knievel brand, or would you rather see that distinction belong to one of your competitors?

I make these advertising decisions with my partner(s):  Fair enough, but keep in mind the license is exclusively available to only one law firm in your territory on a first come first serve basis.

How much is it?  The license is exclusive to one law firm in each defined DMA Nielsen territory. Licenses are available by city or an entire state. Contract terms and pricing information may be requested at CONTACT US.